Despite popular use/belief magnets can be used for more than playing gun-swaps. 
They can help with some bigger minis and adapting them to be more transportable and also easier to get at when you are ready to paint the little guys! 
Thanks to my Warhammer+ Subscription, I was able to grab me an awesome Operative Umbral-Six mini (Very nice). 
The thing about the mini, is he's a bit spiky and a weird size and shape for your usual mini cases. Not only that, I want to play a game with the guy and not have to wait months for me to get around to painting him. 
The big sticky point is the fantastic statue head of the Battle Sister that sits ring in front of our operative. Not only making him look ace, and also have cover available wherever he goes on the tabletop, but also being a right pain when it comes to painting post assembly.

What to do...
So I used some magnets to hold the front of the Battle Sister statue to the frame of the base - simples!
These magnets not only allow me to complete the mini in terms of building so that I can use it in a game. They also mean I can pop the front of the statue off for easy packing and access when it comes to painting.
Once undercoated and painted, those magnets will vanish from sight leaving an awesome mini !